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Таблица размеров Рубашек
With a perfectly fitted shirt, you look stylish and confident in any situation. In our size chart, you can easily find the right size for both a dress shirt and a casual shirt. First, measure your collar size, bust size, waist size, sleeve length and back length as shown in the picture and check with the measurements in the chart below. By the way, for casual shirts, sizes are given from S to 4XL, for classic shirts with collar sizes from 38 to 48.

Casual Shirts

Размеры рубашке Casual

Classic Shirts

Замеры рубашек классика
Discover our collection of shirts for a stylish look. Choose a business or casual shirt with a classic pattern or an unusual print.


Замеры брюк и джинсов
With our size chart, you can easily find the right jeans or trousers size for you for any occasion. Just measure your waist, outer leg and inner leg as shown in the picture and refer to the chart for your ideal size. For example: the waist circumference is about 85 cm, the outer length of the jeans is 106 cm, the inner length is 73 cm. Thus, it was determined that the jeans size should be 33/32.

Jeans / Pants

Таблица замеров джинсов и брюк
Discover the large collection of PIERRE CARDIN jeans and trousers for leisure and office use.


The main thing is that the suit fits!) An ideally matched suit guarantees a stylish and confident appearance. With our sizing consultant, you can easily determine the correct size for your jacket and trousers. Our sizing guidelines are taken into account for both Slim Fit and Regular Fit.

Casual Blazers

Find the perfect suit size and choose an elegant new outfit from PIERRE CARDIN. By the way, with our new suits, you can easily create different looks from the more strict classic, to the relaxed - in the Smart Casual style.



It's safe to say that there is no online shopping fanatic who would never order a men's T-shirt / polo. This wardrobe item is a must-have: they are worn at home, put on for a walk, used during sports, and what else - they even wear them to the office under a jacket! But in order for the T-shirt to look not only stylish and in the theme, but also sit as comfortable as possible - it does not tighten the shoulders and biceps, does not hang in a bag and at the same time does not overly tighten the torso - you need to learn how to correctly choose the size you need. We have prepared a small instruction on how to determine the size of a men's T-shirt and buy exactly what you need. To do this, you need to make only three measurements: shoulder width, chest girth, length - and you will know your size!



Choose your perfect Pierre Cardin T-shirt / polo now and feel light and comfortable all day long.


Choosing clothes for your figure is a well-known and actual problem for most people. Not only do you need to choose the right color, choose the style, but you also need to deal with dimensional grids. The sizes of sweaters and men's sweaters are calculated in the same way. In order to determine yours, you need to take a tape measure or a measuring tape, and then measure the bust, shoulder width and sleeve length. Please note that you need to take measurements in the most protruding places, and the tape should be taut.
Once you've sorted out the size, be sure to check out our helpful sweater / pullover / cardigan tips. And then the purchase will definitely be successful!


In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a jacket, you need to simply measure your outerwear, which fits well on you, i.e. fully matches your parameters. For ease of measurement, it is best to use a measuring tape rather than a tape measure. So, you need to put the jacket on the floor or other flat surface. All zippers and buttons must be closed. Place a notebook next to it so that you can immediately write down the resulting measurements. We will need them later when we compare them with the data in the table of sizes of men's outerwear. Take all four measurements required from the picture and compare with our size chart.
Having made the above measurements once, you will be able to easily purchase jackets / windbreakers online in the future, thereby saving your precious time.


For best results, we recommend bringing a second person with you
1. Back Length: Place a measuring tape in the center of your back on your jacket. Fix the beginning of the measuring tape at the base of the collar at shoulder level. Pull the tape straight up and down the center of the back of the jacket and secure the end of the tape where the garment ends.
2. Sleeve length: Place the measuring tape on the outer edge of the humerus and pull it across the elbow to the wrist.
3. Waist: Loosely wrap the measuring tape around your torso at navel level. Continue to breathe in a relaxed manner, do not suck in your stomach, and make sure that the measuring tape does not sag.

4.Pant Belt: Wrap the measuring tape horizontally just above your navel around your waistband. Make sure you hold the tape tightly. If you already have pants that fit perfectly, you can also measure them. To do this, place them directly on the table and measure the width of the belt from left to right. Multiply the result twice, you get the size at the waist (the size of the belt of the trousers). Classic trouser suits are usually indicated with German clothing sizes.
5. Inside leg length: Measure the length of the inside leg from the crotch to the soles of your feet. Or measure your pants.


1. Collar size: The collar is approximately the size of the neck circumference. Wrap your neck with tape measure. The tape should be about two centimeters above the junction of the neck with the shoulders (perhaps this will be the lower part of the Adam's apple). The measuring tape must be held tightly - no distances are allowed. Also, do not overtighten the tape - you just need to pull it just enough to make the correct measurement. Make sure that the tape lies flat, without tilting or curving. Remember your results - this will be the girth of the neck. When buying a shirt, please note that its actual size will be one centimeter larger. For example, if your figure is 38 cm, then the size of the shirt should be indicated by the number 39.
2. Bust: Stand up straight, continue breathing relaxed and freely place the measuring tape horizontally around your chest and shoulder blades. Make sure the measuring tape does not sag on your back.
3. Waist: Place a measuring tape around your torso at navel level. Stand up straight without sucking in your stomach. Keep the measuring tape loose, but don't let it sag.
4. Sleeve length: Lower your arm down and place the measuring tape over your shoulder and pull the tape up to your wrist.
5. Back Length: Stand straight, place the measuring tape on your shoulder at neck level and point it towards the bottom of the garment you are measuring.

* To measure T-shirts / polos, sweaters / sweaters, we recommend following the advice given above (measurements of shirts). Since the steps for measuring: the width of the shoulders, the volume of the chest and the length of the product are identical.

HOW TO MEASURE THE SIZE of your jeans / pants

If you want to measure jeans or pants to find out which tailoring and sizes are right for you, then get pants that fit you well. It is advisable that the trousers are not heavily worn out and stretched. The leg should end at or slightly below the talus, depending on your preference.

  • Not all pants will be measured the same. Get a few pairs of pants that fit you well. Dress pants will look slightly different from chinos or jeans.

  1. Waist: Place your trousers on the floor for the most accurate measurement. Smooth them out to remove wrinkles, but try not to stretch them. Attach the tape to the back of the belt and record the reading. Double this number to get the exact waist size (full girth).
  2. Hips: Take a measuring tape and place it on your pants at the zipper. Measure the distance from edge to edge of the seams. Multiply the resulting number by half to get the required value.
  3. Inseam Length: Start at the crotch (where the pieces of fabric intersect) and work the measuring tape down the inside of the leg to the very bottom where the leg will touch the shoe. You can also get accurate measurements by wearing a pair of pants and standing right against a wall. However, this method works best when you can ask a friend to take this measurement for you.